Promoting Hindustani Classical Music

The Sangeet Society is a not-for-profit cultural organization based in the Delaware Valley. The purpose of The Sangeet Society is to establish a musical and dance Society open to the general public to promote and foster an appreciation of Hindustani (North Indian) Classical music and dance, through concerts, classes, lectures, seminars, exhibits and other appropriate means.

The Sangeet Society will be conducted by elected officers who are members of the community. The Society will provide services for supporting the needs of Hindustani classical music to the community throughout the year. The Society will serve to support and assist with any Hindustani Classical Music needs in this region.

The specific objectives and purposes of Sangeet Society are:

A. Promote Hindustani Classical music;
B. Promote Hindustani Classical inspired and/or influenced music;
C. Organize Hindustani Classical music concerts in the Delaware Valley Region;
D. Promote local Hindustani classical music artists; and
E. Provide educational sessions for Hindustani classical music in the Delaware Valley Region.

The services provided by the Society are:

(1) Organizing concerts with professional artists of Hindustani classical music. Performances may include – Vocal, Flute, Sitar, Tabla, Sarod, and other musical instruments
(2) Arranging and coordinating artists for house concerts, festivals, landmark occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries.
(3) Organizing group discussions and demonstrations of Hindustani classical music,
(4) Provide educational resources for Hindustani classical music in the Delaware valley region.
(5) Society will serve as a focal point for people interested in Hindustani classical music and will provide listing of area resources of Hindustani classical music.

The services provided by the Sangeet Society are NOT intended for profit. They are focused on providing access to and supporting the needs of Hindustani classical music to the community in the Delaware Valley. The Society is funded through membership, and through donations. In addition, the officers of the Society will apply for funding through state, federal and private grants for specific performances.


The membership fee for Sangeet Society is $40 (annual member: January to December), $400 (life member).

-All members and their family members will receive a discount of 25% on each ticket/admission to every concert/event organized by society.

-Life members will also receive two complimentary tickets every calendar year for a Sangeet concert/event of their choice.

- Other member benefits- 10% discount (excluding alcoholic drinks) at India Grille and Nirvana Indian restaurants in Wilmington, DE

The six pack definition method

Indian Classical Music – Hindustani Music

Indian music is well known for the soothing melodies that come with the music, especially Hindustani music. The tunes and the compositions that seem to be in tune with nature offer relaxation for all the parties that get to listen to them. Even performers of the music get to enjoy a feeling of relaxation as they perform. You would be surprised to note that this music also helps in healing some physical ailments.

The Indian classical music is divided into two major classes;

  1. The Hindustani music and
  2. The Carnatic music

The two types of Indian classical music trace their origins in India where people observe the Indian culture. The Hindustani music comes from the Indian folk music that has been used to educate the young about the Indian culture. It traces its root in Northern India, while the Carnatic music comes from the Southern India. The two genres of music are similar in many ways and all allow singers to improvise to make the music more appealing to the audience.

However the genres of Indian classical music also differ greatly. For instance the Hindustani music has been influenced a lot by the Persians. The Hindustani music offers a great deal of the Persian culture than is portrayed by the Carnatic music. This coupled with the emphasis on vocalist abilities in Carnatic music which far outweighs the Hindustani music.

For the listeners and performers of the Indian classical music it offers a number of benefits to them, which include;

  • Teaching the young the Indian culture which offers them an identity that they ought to cherish
  • Allows people to perform their music to an audience offering them with entertainment
  • Medical therapy that helps people to deal with some ailments that they might be suffering
  • The music is also believed to have the blessings of a Goddess thus it is a means of prayer

Depending on the reasons as to why one listens to the music or performs the music the levels of attention required will be different. This is why any person who wishes to perform or listen to the music needs to understand clearly why s/he wants to have the music.

Thus if you want to get the Indian classical music for yourself you will have to find an ideal retailer that deals with this kind of music. It is also possible for people to listen or download Hindustani music from the internet.

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Benefits of Indian Classical Music

The Indian classical music has a fusion of Indian folk music and Persian music. Many of us have moved to the West to explore the opportunities that these countries have to offer. As we live and work in the West our Indian culture seems to be fading steadily at an alarming rate. The kids that are being born in these countries have no way of indentifying themselves with the Indian culture. This is a dangerous thing as anybody who does not have an identity can adopt anything that comes his or her way.

This is why we are exposing our kids to the Indian classical music. There is a need to ensure that the kids get to learn, accept, embrace and appreciate the Indian culture. I was luck to have been brought up by parents who appreciated the Indian way of life. They used the best possible ways for me to learn our culture. I thank my parents for having made it possible for me to have an identity that I treasure so much. Although I am an American I appreciate the Indian in me.

The Indian classical music was one of the tools that was used in my indoctrination to the culture. Using the classical music through Kathak, which is a north Indian classical I got to learn the language, the culture and the values that are upheld, the values that are core to the Indian culture. I believe my love for the Indian classical music has helped me to be different in a society where conformance is the norm rather than the exception.

Apart from getting an identity as a result of this music I also managed to discover the health prospects that are presented to mankind by the classical music. The sound is played in tune with nature, which helps the human beings to have a peace of mind as they listen to it and seek within themselves. As one pays attention to the tunes being played such as Raga and Tala the mental patterns get transformed. If such an individual was suffering from stress related ailments then he might be surprised to find himself healed from the ailments.

The spiritual nourishment that you can get from the music is very fulfilling. It is believed that this is because of the blessing that is bestowed upon the music by Goddess Saraswati. Listen to Indian classical music and you will get to understand what I am talking about.

Is No Win No Fee really worth it?

If you want to get compensation for personal injuries, a no win no fee agreement may be your best bet. In life, nobody can tell for sure how safe you will be from any accident. You may need to claim compensation for an accident at work, a car accident claim, or for any accident you may encounter in the street, in a shop or in some other public place.

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So if you are not able to get any legal aid, or do not have any insurance policy to cover your claim for that matter, there is a more friendly way of addressing this dilemma by way of what is called a “no win, no fee” arrangement. In such an event you will not have to pay your no win no fee agent in case of a failure in collection. Your solicitor will be able to recover his fees from the losing side’s insurance company. However, there may still be some expenses in medical negligence cases or in exceptional circumstances.

The downside about a no win, no free agreement is that you are required to pay your solicitor usually a much higher fee if you win. But you would be able to get back most of that from the other party though when you are able to make your claim. On top of that, you get your just compensation.

But over-all, the good thing about a no win, no fee accident claim is that you do not pay your no fee no win solicitor if your claim is unsuccessful but you get 100% of your compensation if you win.

This is also where business is booming for no win no fee companies. They are able to, on the other hand, jack up the prices for insurance against no win no fee cases by up to 40% since it is expected that, if you lose, the judge can make you pay for the other associated costs with these cases. Thus, this increase in normal fees is supposedly to cover for the possibility of loss and therefore no fee; so these higher insurance premiums are to be paid to protect you versus the legal costs of the other side in the case of a defeat.

Because of this, there are a lot of companies now offering such agreements for the benefit of both the losing and winning claimants. The important thing is that, now, personal injury victims have the option of getting a no win no fee following an accident.

What are the benefits of argan oil?

Argan oil – a substance that has been used for generations in its native Morocco but is new to the rest of the world – is truly a miracle oil in that it has some amazing benefits.

In fact, this rare oil, which is sourced from the nut of the argan tree fruit and is only produced in an all-natural, organic manner by native Moroccans, is rich in antioxidants that can help keep your body strong, healthy, and fight back against the ravages of time by eliminating free radicals within your body. Moroccans use argan oil in their cuisine, but you don’t have to cook with this amazing Moroccan oil to reap its health benefits: in fact, applying argan oil to your hair or your skin works just as well.


The antioxidants and natural moisturisers in argan oil make it an ideal treatment for dry or damaged hair. Argan oil can revitalise hair left brittle from excess washing or from too much time spent in the chlorinated water of a swimming pool, and can help restore bounce and shine to hair that has been subjected to large amounts of hair dye or other caustic chemicals that are present in all too many of our modern hair care products, such as ammonium lauryl or ammonium laureth sulfate.

Treating your hair with argan oil prior to styling it can also help minimise the amount of damage done through heat-activated processes such as curling irons, as argan oil’s natural moisturising properties can help seal the cuticle against damaging heat, thus reducing frizz – something that’s especially useful in hot and humid climates! On top of that, the scent of Moroccan argan oil is delightful, leaving your hear smelling exotic and alluring for hours – and a little goes a very long way!


Your hair isn’t the only part of your body that can benefit from an infusion of pure argan oil; in fact, your skin can appear healthier and more hydrated from just a few uses! Argan oil applied topically to your skin will keep it moisturised in even the harsh Moroccan climate, and thanks to the all-natural, organic substances in argan oil, it’s an effective method for protecting your skin from the effects of ultraviolet light, which can cause premature wrinkles and leave your skin dry, cracked, and even burnt.

The antioxidants in argan oil are also highly effective in keeping not just your hands soft and young-looking but your face as well, thanks to the natural cleansing ability of substances such as linoleic acid and oleic acid. These all-natural ingredients can gently scour dead skin cells from your face and keep your facial oils in balance, preventing acne outbreaks and giving your skin a natural, healthy glow that you can’t get from many other skin care products – products which just happen to be laden with harsh chemicals that might do you more harm than good in the long run!